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Scheduled sending, Geolocation of read emails, Integration with Social Network, Unlimited message sending, Integrated editor, Customizable messages, Anti-Spam control, Registration/deletion, Data import/export

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Newsletter Studio - Newsletter Software

Create and manage your email marketing campaigns. Thanks to Newsletter Studio you'll have everything you need in a single product, without subscriptions and monthly costs. You can manage your mailing lists, create professional messages, send newsletters and analyze results thanks to advanced statistics.

Newsletter Studio is available in both Freeware and Professional versions. You only pay for the Professional version once and it's forever, you'll receive an unlimited license without expiration.


Professional software for the price of a utility

The features of Newsletter Studio make it a professional software. Nevertheless its price remains that of a Utility. Plus you are free from subscriptions and additional costs.


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24 main points

  1. Data protection, no data sent on internet
  2. Senders account management
  3. Creating messages with two different editors: Message Editor; Newsletter Builder
  4. Graphic layout import
  5. Manage contacts in groups, subgroups, and categories
  6. Sending newsletter (unlimited messages)
  7. Checking the progress of the newsletter
  8. Geolocation of read messages
  9. Statistics, read, sent, pending, and failed messages
  10. Integration with Social Network
  11. Import contacts
  12. Export contacts to Excel (csv), Access, and text files
  13. Registrations and automatic cancellations
  14. Managing emails (return email)
  15. Block list, blocked contacts
  16. Recycle Bin, and restore deleted contacts
  17. Advanced searches
  18. Database backup and recovery
  19. SMS account manager
  20. Sending SMS campaigns
  21. SMS campaign history
  22. Scheduled sending per day / hour
  23. Periodic updates
  24. Investment protection with 1, 3 or 5 years of free updates
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  • Pay only ONCE.
  • The license does NOT expire.
  • There are NOT periodic subscriptions to pay.
  • We give you 1, 3 or 5 years of FREE updates for new versions.
  • Discounts for future purchases

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Since 2003

The leading software for managing mailing lists and send newsletters.

In last years, the software has never ceased to improve by listening to the advice of the users.

Since the first publication in today thousands of users around the globe use Newsletter Studio for sending newsletter.

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Federazione Italiana Sport Invernali
Carrera Jeans
Institute of Managment and Development, New Delhi
National Bank of Kuwait
Synergy University Dubai Campus
Universidad Tecnologica Privada de Santa Cruz
Associazione Nazionale Allevatori Frisona Italiana