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Download Newsletter Studio

Newsletter Studio can be downloaded for free.

We provide a free trial version of the product to allow the user to try the software before buying it. The Freeware version is free, full and running without expiration time. The only difference from the Professional version is limited to sending 20 emails at a time. While sending SMS is unlimited version also Freeware.

Download Newsletter Studio now!


Total Downloads

It has been downloaded 13.146.254 times to date.


Newsletter Studio (4.38)

The installations are identical. If your browser, or the virus, prevents the downloading of .Exe files, download the .Zip file.

Download the installation format .Zip

Download the installation format .Exe

Please download and install Newsletter Studio, Freeware license, it is free to use.

All features are active. This license is free.



This installation is compatible with Microsoft® Windows® operating system.


For any question

Via Della Rinascita
61122 Pesaro (PU)
Tel. +39 0721 1835158


For unistall software

The uninstallation of the program is the standard Windows.

There are two ways to uninstall the program:

1. You can uninstall the program from the menu "Start" -> "Programs" -> "Pesaro System" -> "Newsletter Studio", selecting "Uninstall".
2. Or from the "Control Panel" in Windows "Programs and Features", found in the list of installed applications "Newsletter Studio". When you select it you can uninstall it.


Terms of Service or End User Licence Agreement (EULA)

Be sure to carefully read and understand all the rights and restrictions described in this EULA PESARO SYSTEM with the End User. The user will be asked to consider and accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

This Agreement is an agreement between you (either an individual or a single entity) and PESARO SYSTEM for software PESARO SYSTEM attached which includes computer software and may include media storage associated materials printed and online documentation or electronic (SOFTWARE). By installing the software, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. If you do not accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement, then should not install or use the SOFTWARE.

To accept this document corresponds to:
- to have read the Contracted present.
- to affix own signature, therefore to accept the terms and the conditions of the Contract.
- to have tried the product in a version of the versions TRIAL, SHAREWARE or FREEWARE.
- be aware of all the capabilities and limitations of the product.
- assume all responsibility, and thus exclude PESARO SYSTEM, for any damage that may arise from making use of software.


The Product Software and protected from the laws and from the international essays on the copyright, over that from other laws and essays on the intellectual Property. The Product Software is granted in license, you're not sold. NOTE: The terms of the possible papery copy of the Contract enclosed to the Product Software will prevail on the terms of Contracted qualsivoglia in line retrieved inside the Product Software.



Pesaro System grants to the consumer, what physical person, a personal license and not exclusive to perform and to use copies of the Product Software to the solo purpose to shape, to develop and to test the products software developed to operate with any product for operating system of Microsoft. The consumer can install copies of the Product Software on a boundless number of condition computer that you're the only one to use the Product Software. If the consumer is a juridical person, Pesaro System grants the right to designate a physical person inside own organization that has the right to use the Product Software in the way above specified to the consumer.


The Contracted present grants to the consumer, what physical person, a personal license and not exclusive to effect and to use a boundless number of copies of qualsivoglia documentation, to condition that such copies are exclusively used for personal purpose and are not republished or you distribute.


The consumer can also memorize or to install a copy of the Product Software on a device of memorization, what a server of net, entirely used for installing or to perform the Product Software in the computers used by an end user provided of valid license in conformity to the dispositions of the article 1.1. A same license for the Product Software cannot be shared or used in concomitance by other end users.


In case of Fine-license, Pesaro System grants to the consumer, what physical or juridical person, an exclusive license to perform and to use copies of the Product. The consumer can install copies of the Product Software on a boundless number of condition computer that belongs to the same Firm.


If the Product Software brings the label of updating ("Upgrade"), the consumer, to be able to use the Product Software, has to own a to regulate user licence of a product qualified by Pesaro System as fit to be integrated from an updating. A Product labeled Software as updating it replaces and/or it integrates the product that constitutes the susceptible base to be integrated through updating. The final product adjourned resultant from the integration can be used only in conformity to the conditions of the Contracted present. If the Product Software and an updating of a component of a packet of programs granted software in license to the consumer as produced single, the Product Software can be used and transferred only as part of the packet considered single product and from this you cannot be separated to be used in more computers.


If the Product Software brings the label of Version DEMO, SHAREWARE or FREEWARE, the consumer can memorize, to use, to copy or to distribute such Product Software in boundless number.
All the versions DEMO have temporal limitations.
All the versions SHAREWARE or FREEWARE don't have temporal limits and they exactly correspond to the complete versions except also functionalities.
To try the product with the versions of DEMO, SHAREWARE or FREEWARE before purchasing it.


The ownership and the rights on the intellectual Property related to the Product Software (included ivi, but not limitedly to, every image, photo, animation, video, audio, music, text and "applet" integrated to the Product Software), the enclosed printed material and any copy of the Product Softwares, are of Property of Pesaro System or its suppliers. The titolarita and the rights on the intellectual Property related to contained to which the consumer can enter through the use of the Product Software, they are of Property of the respective holders and you/they can be protected from the copyright or from other laws and essays on the intellectual Property. From the Contracted present some right doesn't spring to use such contents. Pesaro System expressly reserves not him all the rights granted by the Contracted present.


Free services such as antispam and geolocation, are offered by external companies. For this reason PESARO SYSTEM can not guarantee the continuity of such services indefinitely. In case of power PESARO SYSTEM will strive, to the extent possible, to replace them with services of other companies, always free. PESARO SYSTEM is free to decide if and when to activate or deactivate the free services.

Websites of external companies are not manageable by PESARO SYSTEM, which is not responsible for the content. If these sites stop working, or not working properly, PESARO SYSTEM is not responsible and can not intervene to correct errors.


For any dispute arising from this contract, the parties purport conventionally competence in favor of the Court of Pesaro.


The right of withdrawal is the possibility for a Contracting Party to unilaterally dissolve a contract, estinguendone all obligations arising therefrom , without the consent of the other party and without facing penalties. The unilateral termination of the contract must be communicated in writing to the other party within a period specified by law , or other term, provided more favorable , established in the contract, a clause in the exercise of the right of withdrawal.

The Council Directive 85/577/EEC of 20 December 1985 to protect the consumer in respect of contracts negotiated away from business premises , introduced the right to cancel within a minimum period of seven days, and has been transposed in Italian .

Who buys an object, like a subscription or has 7 days to cancel the contract without penalty who signed .

It should be clear, however, that the right of withdrawal does not apply to any goods purchased or previously having had the vision and ability to take note of all the features, such as FREEWARE versions : rethinking is not recognized as a right.

If the consumer has already used the service purchased, either totally or in part, the right of withdrawal can not be applied.